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Mobile optimized games available through a single lightweight integration

In game and platform promotion tools proven to increase player values

Innovative, fast and light products guaranteed to entertain the players

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The PureRNG RGS platform has been built from the ground up to deliver modern, cutting edge games with best in class speed and functionality


All of our games support achievements and collectibles.

With a rich selection of goals to strive for, players are sure to stay and play for longer.


Achievements are awarded based on game specific behavior. Number of spins, big wins and bonus round triggers are all supported.

Trophy Room

Players can view their awards at any time in the trophy room through a simple integration into your site.

Player Engagement

The entertainment value of achievements helps optimize engagement and retention. It's proven to improve game and player revenue.

'Reel Time' Tournaments

Player entertainment reaches all time highs

  • Through our tournaments, every PureRNG game has extra excitement built right in. All running tournaments are updated in real time, allowing players to track their progress and guarantees non stop action for all.
  • - Tournaments can be scheduled by time, game and prize
    - Parameters are completely configurable
    - Multiple ways to define victory
    - Leaderboards with real time updates provided in game and by API or iframe
    - Automatic or manual prize payouts

Revenue Optimized

Driving revenue through added value and a level playing field. Our tournaments are tailored to keep players on the site for its entire duration. 

Endless Customization

Tournaments can last an hour or a week. They can be for any game with any win parameters and pay tables. Your tournaments, your choice.

Real Time

All leaderboards are updated in real time. The players position is displayed along with their points and time remaining. As engaging as it gets.


Rewards that encourage desired behavior

  • Supporting highly configurable bonuses that require players to invest time on your site to release fair rewards.

Free Round Bonusing

Add more fun with our Free Round Bonusing. With the ability to give free spins to players by value per spin, or by total value allowing the player to choose the value per spin.

Bonus Money

Bonus money can be awarded to groups of players or individually. Rollover and weighting is configurable per bonus and has to be achieved by players using their real money.

Free Scratch Cards

You can determine the value of scratch cards, and award them to your players as a reward.

Coming Soon

Prize Parachute

Random prizes and awards will be delivered in game to players for spending time playing. This can be triggered by time, by play volume or many other configurable parameters.

Coming Soon

Free Chip

A single or multiple bet can be issued to players to try our table games. Winnings can be configured to reward either cash or bonus money.

Coming Soon


PureRNG knows what players want from their gaming experience. Our table game suite is best in class and optimized for fast and fun play on mobiles.

Modern technology deserves modern games. By removing the clutter, players can focus on a pure game experience.

Longer Play Sessions

Less fatigue from clean imagery and simple interface means players do not get fatigued. Average play sessions increase by 30%.

Mobile Optimized

Our table games are fully responsive and play perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Fast and Light

These games play fast, really fast. With multiple speeds they can be tailored for your players. Footprint and bandwidth are tiny. Players can enjoy our games anywhere anytime.


Our table games are designed from top to bottom to work with all of tools including leaderboards, bonusing and gamification.


Based on strong proven maths models and entertaining game play. Built on the latest game frameworks, they run fast and smooth.

All of our slot games are:
- Optimized across all platforms and devices
- Light footprint & low bandwidth
- Fast and fun

Moon Rabbit

96.3% RTP


95.0% RTP

Chaos Engine

96.3% RTP

Pirate Treasure

96.3% RTP